The Power That Moves Muscle

The Power That Moves Muscle

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THE POWER THAT MOVES MUSCLE covers all the ins and outs about 5-TETRA but also shares some important and novel ideas and philosophies on training, diet, motivation and life in general.  Here's an introduction excerpt from the book to wet your appetite.

I know that in the modern era no one has the time or desire to read anymore.  However I'm sure there are still a few people in the world that are not suffering from ADHD that can still sit down long enough to read more than a paragraphs.

Here's your first mental workout - if you can read the full introduction below without having a panic attack or reaching for your phone to send a text message then there is still hope for you.  If not then I would advise to consult with your primary care physician and request a prescription for Adderall.  Good luck.


The fact that you picked up this book and are reading this right now shows that you are amongst the elite of society.  You are more than consciously aware of your physical state of being, you are in tune with body and not just existing day to day but living as person who is passionate about your body and is searching for ways to get the most out of yourself.  You are determined and focused each day on self improvement and nothing short of a terrorist attack is going to stop you from getting your workout in and moving one step closer to your goal. 

Upon awakening you are tolerantly counting down the hours and minutes when you finally have your chance to cross the thresh hold of a mediocre society that as you enter the gym.  You are now in your domain, a place where a “happy meal” is defined as a clean protein source and steamed vegetables.  This is your own personal sanctuary where you can take one step closer to achieving your dreams and pushing yourself to the limit.  Your focus and drive is real, so much that others can’t help but stare at you out of the corner of their eye while pretending to be watching cardio theater.  Motivation is not the problem as you love going to the gym and challenging yourself. 

Life to you revolves around your personal quest for physical supremecy.  You are one never to be satisfied with being an also ran, a statistic that no one remembers.  You want to leave the gym knowing that you gave everything you had, and that no way you could not have went one minute longer on the treadmill without collapsing or vomiting.  If you would have tried to force out one more rep on bench press your arms already burning and trembling would have given out.  This is the level of intensity you need to achieve in order to leave the gym satisfied, knowing that you did not let yourself down.  If you can do this, you can enjoy the rest of your day as you have nothing more to prove to yourself.

You may be working towards a tangible goal, like getting ready for a contest, photo shoot or just wanting to look your best and sustain peak condition for the summer season.  You may be training to lift a weight you have never lifted before or trying to lose body fat while working on increasing your muscle definition for personal gratification, being satisfied when you look in the mirror.  If you are a serious about your body, you are always on the hunt for ways to improve your performance, so that you feel confident in yourself knowing that you are training with the most advanced and effective performance aids that modern science has to offer. 

Nothing is worse than failure stemming from leaving a stone unturned and wondering what you could have accomplished, or how you could have looked had you made more educated and aggressive choices of your encapsulated or powdered artillery when preparing for your own personal war with yourself.  There is no one to blame at the end of the road but yourself, as you are responsible for educating yourself and learning from the continually evolving process of self propelled physical transformation.

Intangible goals are noteworthy as well, as there is something inside you that forces you to push yourself, challenge yourself and for what reason exactly you do not know.  Maybe you were a former great athlete who experienced the elation of victory in years past and the only way for you to get that feeling back is by being dominant in the gym.  When you are the strongest, the leanest, the fastest you are instilled with a feeling of achievement that money can’t buy.  You want to inflict pain and suffering on yourself, as if you don’t do it physically then you will be tormented, even haunted mentally by a guilty conscience telling you that you let yourself down.  Just because someone has not won a title, or been classified as the most well built guy or girl in the gym does not mean that they are passionless or incapable of being the best, the biggest or the most shredded human to walk the face of the earth. 

Someone who never excelled in sports when in their youth, may be filled with more drive and potential than some of the greatest athletes of all time, it just needs to be extracted by tweaking and sometimes overhauling variables in ones training and nutrition regimen.  You may not have had educated coaches, state of the art supplements, or instructional manuals to walk you though step by step to learn how to do this, you just picked up bits and pieces along the way.  You still have the hunger and drive, so there is something inside of you that deep down knows you have the potential to be successful, maybe even great in the world of weights and fitness.  Whether your personal background shines with greatness from your accomplishments or is darkened by a string of failed attempts at succeeding in physically challenging endeavors you are going to succeed, by improving from where you are now and doing it the fastest and most effective way possible.

Unfortunately the reality is that not all workouts are spectacular. Yes you have some great ones, some average ones and some bad ones. After a while you begin to stagnate and wonder how in the hell you ever did this so passionately in the first place.

Get your copy of THE POWER THAT MOVES MUSCLE TODAY now is the time to stop second guessing so you can take control of your destiny.


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