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Endorphin Amplifying Euphoric Energizer

“The World’s First Endorphin Amplifier”

“Motivate the Mind and the Body will follow”

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Many fitness enthusiasts exercise for one reason, exercise makes you feel good. The increased feeling of well being resulting from exercise is directly attributed to the increased Endorphin production in the body that results from physical activity. Endorphins are your bodies naturally produced morphine like "feel good" chemicals that are produced in response to intense physical exercise.

Feature: Endorphix is the  world's first "endorphin amplifier" that will potentiate the endorphin response to intense exercise by dramatically increasing endorphin production, while simultaneously prolonging endorphin breakdown.

Endorphix takes a unique approach to pre-workout supplementation by targeting mood elevation and increasing pain tolerance in addition to providing a smooth and sustained energy kick.

Function: Endorphix key ingredients work to increase endorphin production while simultaneously prolonging endorphin metabolism, providing a prolonged euphoric response both during and after training.

Endorphix also provides “clean energy” to the user by utilizing cutting edge cognitive enhancers, focus and well being agents in addition to jitter-free stimulants providing euphoric energy with no crash.

Benefit: Potentiating the natural endorphin response to exercise will increase pain tolerance and instill a profound sense of well being; allowing active trainers to run, bike or lift longer and harder with less perceived effort.

Key ingredients in Endorphix have been researched and proven to:

· Increase attention and activity in 61% of laboratory studies

· Potentiate the therapeutic effect of exercise on depressed patients

· Positively regulate physical energy, mood and attention


Endorphix has originated an entirely new category and is the only energy product of its kind - incorporating a myriad of mind-muscle enhancers and energy catalysts into one powerful formula that is second to none. 

Endorphix is the most powerful mood elevating, focus full body energy product ever developed; providing the user with a unique “experience” that has to be felt to be believed. 


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