Amilean Fat Loss Lotion with 2% Aminophylline - Free Samples with ever

Amilean Fat Loss Lotion with 2% Aminophylline - Free Samples with every order

$32.95 USD


AMILEAN Advance Firming Lotion

with 2% Aminophylline!

Clinically tested to attack stubborn areas.

Sale $32.95!

AmiLean will help you:

  • Lose Inches from problem areas
  • Sweat more
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Shrink your Waistline
  • Tighten and Tone your body
  • Get a Radiant Healthy Looking Skin

Nothing tightens, tones and defines like AmiLean!

Around 15 years ago during asthma studies at UCLA, doctors observed localized fat reduction in women's thighs after injecting them with the asthma drug Aminophylline. Based on those initial results, doctors immediately began researching the possibility of localized fat reduction using an ointment or cream administered topically.

Scientists at UCLA found the prescription asthma drug aminophylline could effectively burn off cellulite. 

The problem was it took to long for the drug to reach the fat. But now the wait is over. A revolutionary new product called AmiLean has a leg up on the competition. AmiLean uses pharmaceutical and all natural carrying agents (Liposomes) which transport the active ingredients through the skin and into the targeted areas where this can go to work at visually reducing the appearance of fat in the legs, butt, abs and arms. 

The main ingredient in AmiLean is the prescription asthma drug Aminophylline. Even though the drug is controlled by the FDA, when used topically a prescription is not needed. Experts say when used daily most people will see results within one month. 

Studies on the active ingredient show 78% of women lost up to two inches of fat in each thigh getting rid of dimpling in only 5 short weeks. 

AmiLean delivers some of the strongest fat-burning ingredients ever discovered, right to the areas you need them most!

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